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A collection of digital stories about being heard through advocacy


It's harder to have a voice and be heard when you live with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, or you're a bilateral amputee. In their own words and with their own images, three people in wheechairs, a carer, and an advocate tell their stories.


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Not a Giver Upperer

by Phylli

A brave tale of a woman who doesn't let her multiple sclerosis define her and how far a positive attitude can take you.

The Bucket

by Marbuck

I'm a dad, uncle, and grandfather whose motto is 'forever look forward'. I don't let the fact that I am a bilateral amputee stop me or let others' perceptions of me get in the way.

My Great Life

by Kylie

A country girl who moved to the big smoke has not let her cerebral palsy stop her from selling the Big Issue in Woden and Civic. Kylie loves her job and knows all her customers' names so she can say thank you.

Moira's Freedom

by John

A powerful love story about an enduring family that has continued to thrive for 28 years. Huntington's disease and the government tried to dictate and control that love, but John, Moira and Bonnie won.

My Life as an Advocate

by Ben

Ben never understood stairs. So he became an advocate. He likes to listen and make people feel heard and to be able to speak for themselves. Ben helps.