After the Big Screen

Being True to Ourselves

A collection of short films exploring the infinite possibilities of gender


Winner of ACT Mental Health Week Award 2013 and Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Service Achievement Award 2013. Made by people who identify, experience or think about gender in a diversity of ways. Part of A Gender Agenda's resource for people exploring their gender identity, their partners, family and friends, or those who work with them.


Partners: A Gender Agenda, PhotoAccess







Interviews with five digital storytellers after the launch of Being True to Ourselves at the the National Film and Sound Archives

Watch the digital stories

Not just any body

by Peter

Not satisfied with ‘no’ for an answer, Peter was determined to ‘make a space of his own’.

Possessed by Gender

by Dan

Dan shares the inside story of ‘almost but not quite’. Begging the question – 'why does the ‘middle’ have to feel like nowhere?'

Sallyanne's New Life and Journey

by Sallyanne

'I never thought so much could change in just one year.'

Sallyanne’s story of self-discovery and amazement.

About Boxes

by Cam

A story about labels: experiences of not fitting in, finding belonging and community, and redefining words and meanings

Ashley's Message

by Ashley

Don’t break what you can’t fix. Ashley’s poignant message from the heart of someone who knows first-hand the cost of such actions.

What if...

by Stuart

Nature delivers diversity, but society hates difference. What if society just accepted the diversity delivered by nature?

Just One Night

by Tom

When times are hard for Tom, even one small moment can make a big difference.