Gen S Stories worked with Mental Illness Education ACT on diverse ways of telling stories. AnyBody's Cool was a community theatre project where people who had lived experience of disordered eating crafted many stories into one play. With Attack of the Barbies and Body Image Body Scrimmage the storytellers are (mostly) Canberra school students who did creative writing workshops with Gen S Stories. In Casting Light the storytellers are members of Mental Illness Education ACT who live with mental illness. Their stories were crafted into a collection of drama scripts in collaboration with educational playwright Sue Murray. All of these projects were developed through creative workshops, and carefully guided by mental health promotion principles.


Stories Changing Minds is a different kind of story, because it tells the stories of a community organisation - Mental Illness Education ACT. It aims to tell the organisational story through personal stories and is based on 56 different accounts, as well as archival material, and photographs.


Hang on to This does include three short personal stories but most of its twenty pages are directed at encouraging young people to get help early for mental illness. It is a handout that supports the School Education Program of Mental Illness Education ACT. It was trialled and evaluated extensively in Canberra's schools before publication.


Awards and Conferences


  • 2013 ACT Health Promotion Award shortlist - Hang on to This

  • 2012  Yogie Awards (ACT Youth Coalition) - commendation for innovation in practice - Hang on to This

  • 2009 Drama Australia National Conference, Melbourne - Casting Light

  • 2008 Margins to Mainstream Conference, 5th World Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health and the Prevention of Mental and Behavioural Disorders, Melbourne - Body Image Body Scrimmage Project

  • 2006 Yogie Award (ACT Youth Coaltion) for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Participation - Body Image Body Scrimmage

  • 2003 The Mental Health Services Conference  - Any Body's Cool