Digital storytelling allows people to tell their own stories in their own voice using their own images. Through a workshop process run by Gen S Stories, people write their own film script, record their own voice-over and create their own images. With professional support from a photographer and a filmmaker, people craft all these elements into a short film of three to five minutes.
Digital storytelling makes simple filmmaking accessible to everyone and produces real, raw, and powerful stories. It is particularly effective at giving voice to stories that have not been told or are seldom heard because of disadvantage, stigma, or social and economic marginalisation. Because people always remain the directors of their own films, it is also a safe and respecful form of creative expression.
Digital stories are an engaging and accessible way to share stories, whether it is through a public launch, through publication on the web, or as a DVD collection. They  can celebrate people, organisations and communities, and can also provide a way of changing attitudes or giving insights.
Gen S Stories works in partnership with PhotoAccess at the Manuka Arts Centre to provide digital storytelling workshops.