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Visitors' Book

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Thanks so much for the invitation, Jenni. I know the show represents an enormous amount of work and wonderful experiences and we have just been given a little taste! Beautiful!

Basil Hall

Jenni, thank you for all your effort in putting this wonderful exhibition together. It is lovely to have all these stories remembered and recorded.

Carlo Aggio

Thanks so much for the invitation to the launch of the exhibition of your work over the last ten years. It provided a wonderful opportunity to reflect on so many things; my own story telling journey and also the powerful and positive impact that your work had on A Gender Agenda and the community of people who at that time genuinely felt like they had no voice at all. One of the most powerful things for me though, was seeing our stories sitting in amongst all the other stories that you have been part of bringing to life. It reminded me of that sense of connectedness that we have to so many other communities of people who are also marginalised and invisible. It also made me remember the incredibly respectful way that you engage with people. Ensuring that they are given the time and space and support to tell their own stories in their own words, and recognising that sometimes that can take a lot of time and patience and energy. But always genuinely believing that there is a story that's important to be told, and also that given the right support, every body can find the words and pictures to tell it authentically and honestly and powerfully. I am so very very glad, not only that the exhibition has happened, but also that so many of those 100+ stories you have helped to give voice to are now being held by the ACT Heritage Library. I can't wait to see what the next ten years hold for Gen S!!! Thank you for your amazing and life changing work. What a legacy. You're a legend.

Peter Hyndal

Thank you for wonderful presentation of the Fluffy saga that will be part of our footstep in Canberra.

Rita and Vic Gocentas

Thank you so much for inviting Peter and I to the opening of your exhibition! I cannot believe that it has been 10 years! You have done amazing work in bringing people's lives to the forefront (from the shadows). I am so proud of Phoebe's story, and very grateful for having the opportunity to tell it; and for the teaching, facilitation and love that you gave! with love,


I want to thank you to you and team members for the most wonderful exhibition of Storycircle, I feel so privilege to be there and meet so many interesting people in person, especially to meet up with you again! what a great job you did with so much of hard work over the years, you deserve a medal.!

Lum Hill

Thank you for inviting us to the opening evening of the exhibition. Such an appropriate recognition and preservation of your work and stories of so many Canberrans. It has been an enriching journey from the first meeting at PhotoAccess - deep friendships are formed and I hope the stories have inspired many of our community members. Thank you Jenni, for your dedication and guidance.

Sarwat Maqbool

What a wonderful journey into the past 10 years of digital stories. Thanks Jenni for this incredible reminder of your valuable work, sensitively working with individuals from such a diverse range of communities and with them, massaging their stories into this form. I have loved being on this pathway with you from the first collection that I watched you create with MIEACT and the more recent stories with Woden Community Service. This exhibition deserves to be seen by many and it is great to know the Heritage Library will be adding many of these to their collection. Congratulations Jenni!

Pam Boyer

Enjoyed very much the exhibition at the ACT Heritage Library today. Showcasing so many different stories, many points of view and many voices is a great way to represent the social heart of Canberra. Thanks.


Thanks Jenni for the invitation - loved the stories and meeting so many of the people who you have supported to tell and share their stories

Jennie Gordon

Jenni, what a great exhibition you, Fiona Edge, Photo Access and the ACT Heritage Library have put together. Thank you! I enjoyed discovering the diverse range of stories that have been told over the last 10 years… and seeing some of the memorabilia associated with them. I know from personal experience the amount of time and effort you have given to each one of us to make these stories a reality. Seeing a room full of them made me realise how dedicated you are to giving a voice to the unheard. Congratulations!

Neil Sloan

Just want to say what a wonderful exhibition it is. Seeing all the work over the past decade together in one place, all the stories from people who have or are experiencing disadvantage in its many forms, is inspiring, as well as educational. The display of items added another level of interest. Congratulations to all involved, especially Jenni, who has put her heart and soul into facilitating the voices of all participants. Well done.

Di Lucas

I know if my precious Moira (Moi) was still with us today and able to attend, she would have enjoyed seeing the amazing work you have done over the years with so many people. I know Moi would have loved the way you have enhanced our wedding photo as I do. When we had our final afternoon working on the Being Heard Project in 2014, Moi was there and she enjoyed meeting you and all the other members of our little group and I do hope they are all safe and well. While I was walking around the exhibition, looking at some of the memorabilia associated with them you can see the enormous amount of work you have done in putting this wonderful exhibition together. This exhibition deserves to be seen by many people and it is really great to know that the Heritage Library will be adding many of these stories to their collection. Congratulations Jenni, Well Done!

John Olds