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Moving Minds

A vibrant, insightful collection of short films made by people living with mental illness exploring many worlds


Winner of an ACT Health Promotion Award (2010) and an Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Service Achievement Award (2011). Twenty-one stories developed as part of  Mental Illness Education ACT's educational work to reduce stigma and discrimination towards people living with mental illness.


Partners: Mental Illness Education ACT, PhotoAccess, Tuggeranong Arts Centre

In a Fix

by Jacqui

Jacqui’s psychiatrist tells her to get back on the horse. Her recovery from complex post-traumatic stress disorder features ice cream, and a man who waits.


by Laurie

Laurie’s experiences as a soldier during the Vietnam War left him with post-traumatic stress disorder. How many doctors does it take to finally get help?

Sins of a Child

by Rosie

Rosie grew up as number 20280. Her experience as a state ward left her with post-traumatic stress disorder. She’s now in recovery and a Remembered Australian.

One Life

by Rellie

Rellie has travelled over mountains, down into dark valleys, along the bumpy road of life with depression, post traumatic stress disorder and addiction. Learn how her journey changed course.


by Greg

Study and academic success were Greg’s best coping strategies. He now knows his bipolar disorder like a friend and together they ride the rollercoaster.

Phoebe's Story: Mum's Other Black Dog

by Annie

Introducing a telepathic dog and cat who teach their Mum to deal with all the stuff in her head. Together they help her recover from depression. 


The Stolen Years

by Jenni

At age 21 Jenni finally got help for an eating disorder, but who stole her adolescence? Featuring a Year 10 photo you won’t forget.

A Boy and his Bucket

by Chrissy

Anxiety - When you’re 12 years old and full to overflowing, you need someone to help carry that bucket!

Recovery: in Memory of Michael Firestone

by Jenni

Michael talks about his recovery from depression in this excerpt from his interview for MIEACT’s radio program ‘Opening Minds.’

Gardening All Year Round

by John

John’s been caught gardening at 3am under floodlights. He lives with a mild form of bipolar disorder and discovers what grows in winter.

Bunch and Bunny

by Sarah

A story of unrequited love and schizophrenia. When at last Bunch meets Bunny the journey of healing begins.

My Incredible Mama

by Jelena

Mental illness can happen to anyone. It happened to Jelena's mother when she developed schizoaffective disorder. Jelena pays tribute to her mother’s wisdom, sense of adventure, and the incredible bond they shared.

My Trip to Perth

by Charmaine

Canberra to Perth – a road trip with a difference. Charmaine recounts her first psychotic episode that preceded her diagnosis of bipolar disorder.


by Matt

How many psychotic episodes does it take to realise the cost of using marijuana? Matt becomes homeless before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Our Daddy the Prop

by Alisi

When Alisi’s mother  is diagnosed with schizophrenia, her life becomes the hardest game of rugby she and her team have ever faced. Good thing they have the world's strongest prop on their side!

As Long as I Have Breakfast

by Keah

A story of life as a hurting teenager and a struggle with food. Keah reflects on her turning point and how good life is long as she has breakfast.

I Was so Lucky

by Lisa

When Lisa’s mother died she left her a letter. Lisa replies, paying tribute to her mother’s love, patience and hope that helped her recover from anorexia.

I Can Remember

by Isabel

Isabel stared death in the eye. Her diagnosis with a mental illness changed everything. She chose life.

Cooking with Love

by Ben

Ben cooked for prime ministers, but eventually his country town past caught up with him. After finally getting help for bipolar, now he only cooks for people he loves.

What's Normal When You Have Bipolar Disorder?

by Jo

Jo manages her bipolar disorder with medication. This delivers one sort of ‘normal’ and she continues looking for a ‘normal’ that suits her better. 

Thanks Kip

by Ed

When it appears that every aspect of Ed's life has turned upside down and depression looms, an unexpected call from a friend makes all the difference.