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Now I'm Here

A collection of digital stories about what it is to be human


Inanna provides accommodation, counselling and support to stabilise individuals and families in crisis. This project provided an opportunity for the Inanna community to share an aspect of their own journey and to discover new artistic skills and experiences along the way.


Partners: Inanna Inc, PhotoAccess

The Journey Begins

by Debbi

While holidaying at Broulee, a news bulletin about the death of a stranger jolts Debi out of deep sleep

Surrounded by Numbers

by Imogen

Imogen says she’s better at numbers than she is at words, but then every number has a story

My Fairy Tale

by Iryna

Iryna was supposed to live in a castle, but was forced into couch-surfing with a small child. How does she rewrite the fairy tale?

Hook, Lie and Sinker

by Jan

A fishy tale - two larrikin brothers bring home a fish after their first ever trip to Lake Tuggeranong

Dear Sam...

by Jill

Jill writes a frank and moving letter to her daughter, featuring a cushion, a horse and a pair of skis.

Motherhood Healing

by Tanya

After two babies and two experiences of post-natal depression, how can Tanya have a third child and stay well?

Behind the Smile

by Trish

Now an adult, Trish has started smiling more and more, but it wasn’t always like that