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An LGBTIQ+ Intergenerational Storytelling Project

A dialogue between generations, a celebration of history (from '78, to the campaigns of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, to Queer), performances, nightwalking, dating and more. All with hope for a future that is more inclusive, supportive and loving.

Partners: Meridian, A Gender Agenda, PhotoAccess

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Watch the digital stories

Embracing Shame
by Alistair

When Alistair was 13 he didn’t think he'd live to see 18 . Well he did, and says, 'Queerness is anarchy, it is strength, and taking control.'

Handsome Her
by Alex O'Brien

A life-changing visit to Amazon Acres provides insights, meaning and intergenerational friendships.

The Only Thing we Have to Queer is Queer Itself
by Tim

Tim tells and shows us his life of activism. In response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic he was involved in actions that changed the public face of the crisis.

Dig In
by Fiona Hooton

The story of what lead Fiona to start nightwalking with Localjinnin, a lesbian led arts enterprise casting light on people and their stories of place.

I Usually Just Say I'm Queer
by Jessica

After a twenty year drought, Jess decides to make up for lost time and starts dating.

Tales of Ordinary Gayness
by Jacquie Reid

Seventy years old and looking back, Jacquie's memories always come with a sound track. She's a '78-er', the Lesbian Superstar of Queanbeyan and much, much more.