Gen S Stories provides training to community organisations that use personal storytelling in education, community devopment or advocacy. Through a safe and creative workshop process, participants are supported to craft a personal story in their own words and voice while learning the art of engaging and effective storytelling.


Participants learn to shape their stories according to the needs of the organisation. For example an organisation may want someone to tell a ten minute story to a group of college students about what it's like to experience discrimination.


Gen S Stories works within a framework of safe storytelling, which means that participants are supported to be mindful of their own well-being as they engage with the storytelling process. They are also encouraged to be mindful of their audiences, taking care with language and anything in their story that may inadvertently be harmful, such as a story that touches on suicide.


Workshops are practical and participative, so there is a strong emphasis on delivering the story. The workshops cover the fear of public speaking with plenty of opportunity to practise in small groups, and with the group as a whole


Feedback through evaluation shows that people gain confidence and learn how to shape and deliver their story effectively.