Stories From the Hearing-Impaired Community of Canberra


Is there life after deaf? What's that squeak in the car? Have I turned into my father? Is it possible to study a master's degree with profound hearing loss? Can people accept me for my talents? These questions are explored by five Canberrans with hearing-impairment, in their own words and with their own images.


Partners:  ACT Deafness Resource Centre, PhotoAccess

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Like Dad

by Neil

When Neil develops hearing problems he reflects on the lives of his grandmother and father.

Life After Deaf

by Rosina Wainwright

The possibility of not being able to hear music was too awful, but Rosina has learnt where to sit in a concert hall.

Simon the Lone Wolf

by Simon Brooks

Simon has been interested in anime since kindergarten and identifies with a favourite anime character, Syaoran.

Dee's Achievement

by Dee

Dee's proud achievement takes her from Carwoola to Wagga Wagga.

No Looking Back

by David Roberts

Severe hearing loss did not make David's life worse, just different, maybe a little bit more difficult, but definitely enriched by new experiences and different ways of looking at old experiences.