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Stories by Muslim Women in Canberra


Eight Muslim women from very diverse backgrounds, but all living in Canberra, tell personal stories: overcoming the past, great role models, dreams and opportunities, the courage it can take to show love, stereotypes and misrepresentations, and a question for us all - why is it so hard to live in harmony with each other?


Partners:  PhotoAccess, Canberra Multicultural Community Forum

Closing the Gap

by Dina


Dina came to Australia to study thirteen years ago.  'Are you actually allowed to study?' she was asked. There were other weird questions too. This is her story of how she stayed strong.

Praying in Public Places

by Elza


Elza has a dilemma and struggles to find her courage. Allah said if you haven’t passed a test, He will send the same one until you pass it. One day Elza  decides enough is enough.



by Nadia


As a child Nadia loved coming back to Australia because no one stared or asked, 'Where are you from?' But in her twenties Nadia started wearing Hijab.


Alnazir Khalid Advisor Eternal

by Muataza


Muataza can't understand why her Australian neighbours don't come to her house as she grieves the loss of her brother in Sudan. She wonders what it's like for other migrants and refugees who come from neighbourhood cultures and starts to make a change.


In Search of Freedom

by YS


Why is it so difficult to live a life free from prejudice? Why is it difficult for us to live in harmony with each other? A story about coming to Australia and finding  freedom.


Difficult is the Journey and Long is the Path of Love

by Sarwat


Sarwat returns to Pakistan and for the first time talks with her mother as an adult and married woman.


My Role Model

by Ida


Ida reflects on her childhood, and pays tribute to her father.



My Journey

by Myra


Myra dreams of studying outside of Indonesia, but realising her dream takes a good deal of persistence.